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Eleven Eleven – Eleven Eleven


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Algebraic reasoning is like, setting two things equal, and using that equality along with numeric properties to determine different missing pieces from either side. Algebraic reasoning is all about equilibrium and solving puzzles and missing pieces; realigning your perception in various ways until you have the right perspective. Algebraic reasoning is cyclical rather than progressive. Illusion of Separation.

Geometric reasoning is directional: all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares. It’s following a particular order of establishing a property, and building on that. And only accepting as true, things that follow from established properties. Our societal value of critical thinking is related to geometric reasoning. Geometric reasoning is progressive rather than cyclical. Prayer for an Infinite Skein.

From the start a mind is filled with things that you can’t touch because they are mind things. Our baby thoughts harden with words; our utterances ever increase in complexity as we learn; from place value to prime numbers to geometric proofs and beyond, a mind ever flowing through twistier channels, towards ever receding horizons. It’s just the baby in there getting names for more things and as the mind approaches infinite names the thoughts and the maps and the objects in the universe mapped near divine singularity. Math is names for things that aren’t even there, pal. No numbers; all names; no thoughts; all phenomena. Angh Oya Tung.

Music fills a time space and the best we can do of touching music is tape it; staples and glue won’t work. It’s another placeholder, another landmark on the way. This Eleven Eleven music flows; people who’ve been at this for some time, chasing music unremorsefully first. Group leader Kendra Amalie has assembled noise and jazz and free improv explorers: Taralie Peterson (Spires That in the Sunset Rise, Louise Block); JayVe Montgomery (Ben Lamar Gay, Matthew Lux); Peter McLaughlin (Woodpainting); William Akers (Big Style Brass Band); Damian Languell (Twilight Memories of the Three Suns). They spent some time syncing up channels, just casual and it turned into a thing and this is the thing. Eleven Eleven.

Via Urban Dictionary: “The time of the day where you make a wish and post it on a black picture with the time on snapchat. People usually add a caption, which hints towards their wish. The most used topic for 11:11 is your crush or girlfriend/boyfriend. If it’s your crush, then good luck trying to get them, as it’s one of the ways to not get a girlfriend/boyfriend.”

Divine names or missed connections? Im/proper application of divine being to power plays that grow from childhood idyll. When the thoughts become real. Desire stakes. It’s hard to relax and focus. Keep seeing the things. Found a little peace here and it feels holy, a little rest.

Eleven Eleven is available from FPE in cassette or digital format February 20, 2019.

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