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Noa Sepharia – Love (Telepathy)



Noa Sepharia, a producer and writer based in Massachusetts, believes the universe itself is a song. She is dedicated to liberation for all of us, and she believes protest is an act of worship. Her music explores both the harmony and disharmony of our present moment. She draws from the legacy of the trans musicians who came before her.

Noa’s debut release for FPE Records is the double A-side “Love (Telepathy)” / “Is It Worth It”, the cherry on top of her 3-EP, only-a-year-old discography. In her brief musical career, she has revealed herself to be an inventive shaper of shiny, synthy taffy into self-contained portraits of joy, bursting through the fabric of racing thoughts. The new single is a confident step towards a hyperpop lyricism that she’s just hinted at in the past.

Words and human interconnectivity now take the spotlight, even as she sings “you don’t even have to use words”. “Love (Telepathy)” sets an ambiguous sentiment about the mystical experience of loving someone (a level of closeness that’s scary, but worth striving for) to a delicate, heavenly bop seemingly designed for alone time on a sunny day. “Is It Worth It” situates bloody rocks in our phones, and plastic in our brains and bones, connecting our magical communication devices with exploitation and environmental catastrophe, and our bodies with the environment.

“Love (Telepathy)” / “Is Is Worth It” will be available from FPE Records in digital format July 12, 2024.

Noa Sepharia

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