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Colin L. Orchestra – Show Your Work and Continuum


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You know this guy Colin from his old band USA Is a Monster, or maybe if you were a head in the JP (that’s Jamaica Plain) scene around the late millennium, Bull Roarer. Or maybe you know about the records he did on Northern Spy with the Orchestra in 2011-13. Like if the Dead or Buffalo Springfield hadn’t been too terrified to get REALLY out there. Follow the gentle impulses. He’s got a restless musical heart. Chasing music will always be, unremorsefully first.

Colin says this about Show Your Work:

“This is the follow up to COL. COL took 2 years and was pretty pop. It was the final record in a trilogy of comfortable consonant music. I wanted to do the opposite on this album. Its out and free and dissonant and in minor keys. I did this record in 6 months. Its a musical reaction to COL.”

He says nothing about Continuum, other than listing the personnel. I will say that it’s a total mind-burner, barn-scrambler. Its two tracks are an 18-minute derailment of literate country pop, and a 30-plus-minute hoarsely sung apocalypse of blues rock guitar destruction.

Both Show Your Work and Continuum are now available from FPE Records individually or as a visionary bundle. Hit the buttons below and they’ll find their way to you.

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Show Your Work Cassette, Continuum Cassette, Both Tapes – 2 Pack