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Turning Jewels Into Water European Tour Dates

Catch Turning Jewels Into Water on their European tour this month and next... Thu, Apr 19, Turning Jewels Into Water @ ZEZ Festival, Zagreb, Croatia Fri, Apr 20, Turning Jewels Into Water @ Caffe Tunel Rijeka, Croatia Sat, Apr 21, Turning Jewels...

FPE Welcomes Turning Jewels Into Water

FPE is thrilled to announce the addition of Turning Jewels Into Water to its expanding artist roster! Turning Jewels into Water, a beat-and-ritual-based project from percussionist Ravish Momin (founder of Tarana) in collaboration with Haitian experimental electronic...

Zigtebra Tour Dates and EP

Zigtebra is going on tour! They booked it DIY-style and it's got the feel of adventure and discovery. They'll be on the road for May, June, July, AND August. What! They just put the finishing touches on their tour EP, Sparkle Tip. That's the excellent fruity cover art...

About FPE Records

FPE’s mission is to increase the amount of beauty in the world.

Since 2012, FPE has released records For Practically Everyone. As diverse as possible stylistically, FPE’s artists are all brimming with energy and emotion, and share with each other an unconventional approach to genre.

FPE is based in Oak Park, Illinois, USA.

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