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Black Sandwich – Suddenly Wednesday



Black Sandwich is a baby band from the basement!

They’ve gone through at least three drummers and bass players in their first year together but Black Sandwich was, is and ever shall be Meo & John. She is a bottomless well of vocal mystery, lyrical cuts to the gut, and sublime melody addiction; he is her foil and muse, the blanket that wraps her. John’s guitar does its own musical alchemy, executing an exquisite new template for each song, always complementing and never replicating. Together they coil and swirl, a musical DNA that we can only see as a squirming, bawling infant right now. It’s gonna grow up into some kinda amazing band.

Black Sandwich’s first official album is Suddenly Wednesday (FPE Records, cassette; July 14). The album careens from lite reggae to grungy punk to sunshine pop to Canterbury prog, all filtered through the trebly sheen of Meo and John’s exacting self-production and Jessica Saldana’s keyboard.

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