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Ere Gobez earns 8.1 Review in Pitchfork

Aug 11, 2016 | Press

Pitchfork knows what’s up!

“The struggle to pronounce some of the more difficult Amharic consonants and constructions—difficult for English speakers—will often meet with an encouraging exclamation of “gobez”! Translations for the word range from smart to brave to courageous to talented to witty. Debo Band’s saxophonist, leader and ethnomusicologist Danny Mekonnen translates the phrase “Ere gobez” as a “call of the lionhearted—it’s a term used to inspire.” It’s certainly an apt label and message for the Ethiopian 11-piece band’s second album, a record the reaches and then surpasses the heights of their excellent 2012 self-titled debut.”

Read Erin MacLeod’s full review here.

Order Ere Gobez on 2xLP or CD here.

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