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Gentlebutterfly – Filmic EP


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The universe is expanding.

Gentlebutterfly‘s new Filmic EP (FPE Records, May 10) continues widening the lysergic space that was opened by two already released singles, “I Don’t Need a Psychiatrist” and “Interview with David”. Restless and inventive as an avant-garde drummer in real time, David Pavkovic has revealed himself through these detailed grooves to be equally resourceful in the world of immersive, tripped-out synthwave.

On the 4-track release, upgraded versions of both previous singles reveal unseen angles, crystalline refractions multiplied and rainbow backdrops heightened in intensity. We’re also treated to two new tracks, “Baby Hmmm” and “What’s on Your Mind”, pumping the pulse and goofing on more deconstructed samples. Over-the-top crime flicks like The Big Combo and Private Hell 36 provide source material, extravagant mid-century mayhem funneled through the pipeline of time to emerge here, distilled dewdrops of hardboiled cynicism adorning a field of dreams.

This is ambient music in the truest sense, grooves that surround and enfold. Set your headphones for the heart of the huge, ever-growing, pulsating brain that rules from the centre of the ultraworld.

Gentlebutterfly‘s Filmic EP will be available from FPE Records in HD or standard digital audio, or immersive Dolby Atmos, May 10, 2024.

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Standard digital, HD audio, Dolby Atmos

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