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Ten Yrs



On March 15, 2022, FPE Records debuts a special online celebration of its ten years of putting music in the world. Ten Yrs is ten video performances by FPE artists past and present, created exclusively for this event. dragonchild solo sax in a park; Yea Big solo sax in a band room; MIYUMI Project minus B jamming hard in the living room; Dereck Higgins grooving out in the record room; Cop Funeral sculpting live noise poetry; five more. Eventful, creative, community of celebration.

These ten artists have been big and small parts of the FPE story these ten years. Ten Yrs is about catching the hour hand and balancing, knowing who you are now, celebrating your existence. Living together in this moment as we experience the places and people we have been, coming together for now in a shared space. It’s a concert to watch on a big screen, in your central living space, with a group. Make some snacks, drink some drinks, invite people over!

Ten Yrs is about time. Time that tiks away while we tiktok through our day. Ten years is about taking time to sit, and watch, and listen. Ten years is pretty long, but it’s shorter when you think about it all being the same moment, a continual unfolding, revelations. It’s a concert!

Suggested donation is $10 which gets you a personal invite to the premiere on youtube, the satisfaction that you supported a pretty great community, and maybe even something in the mail. See you March 15!


MIYUMI Project minus B
Kaethe Hostetter
Turning Jewels into Water
Dereck Higgins
Yea Big
avery r. young
In Place
Cop Funeral
Syna So Pro