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Eat My Butterfly – Esperar El Sol



Cocooning like a lover’s embrace, Esperar El Sol [“waiting for the sun” in Spanish] is a true expression of intimacy. An homage to the sun and its effect on the heart, it’s the latest EP by La Réunion artist Eat My Butterfly, whose lush sound of folksy Maloya music, otherworldly electronics and dulcet vocals returns to FPE Records.



Inspired by the sun’s daily cycle from ascent to descent, the artist talks of love, nature and connection across four tracks sung in French and Réunion Creole. With the help of fellow La Réunion singers Kaloune and Romane Mana, among other collaborators, the EP radiates a gentle power. Its twinkling synth lines, downtempo cadence and traditional Maloya instruments are meditative yet pulse with kinetic energy. The title track, featuring Peausay, is a score for sunset, exploring the night’s untapped potential through playful vocals, rich harmonies and psychedelic synths in the background. Next is “Cuando Llegas,” a moody slow-burner that takes listeners into the night’s velvet shadows, where heartbeats race to the rhythms of waterfalls. On “Dolé,” a collaboration with Romane Mana, gentle percussion induces a state of tranquility as Eat My Butterfly pays homage to milk—a source of nourishment that flows throughout human bodies. “Sylézé” is perhaps the EP’s most emotive offering. Signaling the sun’s return from a storm, its Maloya influence is tangible as lyrics urge the soul to fly free.

A moving tale of introspection and earthly relationships, Esperar El Sol is as warm as it is mystical. It’s a celebration of La Réunion‘s folklore, enhanced with dreamy pads and chuggy drums. Eat My Butterfly hopes the record will “push us to research our inner sun–the inner light that we must cherish in order for us to better connect together.”

Esperar El Sol will be available digitally from FPE Records September 1, 2023.