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Da Wei Wang / Tatsu Aoki – Yes Strings Attached


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On this long recording, Da Wei Wang plays electric guitar, while Tatsu Aoki punctuates with electrified shamisen. It’s floaty, swirly, a …

… misty oneiric fog …

… the sharp shamisen … the sound of completion … infinitely slowed … turned around …

After the performance, the endless stream of life, the search.



When haven’t you searched?

Yes Strings Attached will be available digitally or as a limited double-cassette from FPE Records September 30, 2022.


… About Tatsu Aoki

Tatsu Aoki teaches experimental filmmaking at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He heads the non-profit Asian Improv aRts Midwest, managing classes in Japanese taiko and shamisen. For decades, he has been a leading member of Chicago’s jazz and experimental music scenes, leading his own groups including MIYUMI Project, Bass Dreams minus B, Trio WAZ, and collaborating with legendary performers such as Fred Anderson, Hamid Drake, Mwata Bowden, Edward Wilkerson Jr., Michael Zerang and Nicole Mitchell.


… About Da Wei Wang

For over a decade, Da Wei Wang has been a veteran guitar hawk of the Chicago avant-rock scene. He is best known for his work in the legendary industrial-gospel-punk band, Ono. He is also an improviser in Street Tentacle and the defunct Suckling Pigs. He has toured throughout the United States and internationally to disseminate the hymns of experimental guitar music.

Da Wei’s fractured, atonal guitar style spans from dada funk to existential doom to ambient raga. He applies extended techniques and tools on his guitar to conjure dense, textured landscapes. His solo guitar work is like a storm cloud whose gaseous firmament is carpeted with hoary sprouts and dust geysers.

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