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Bass Dreams minus B – Oyaji Rock


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Too many wrestlers to love, too many wrestlers to love to hate, and tons of great bassists to listen to .. and why not do the second installment for the Bass Dreams minus B. FPE has allowed me to dig into the other side of my musical life once and once Again Bass Dreams minus B: OYAJI ROCK was inspired by all my favorite bassists and wrestlers

Tatsu Aoki

ROUND 2! Like we said last time, Oyaji Rock is the BOOM BOOM BOMB. You missed it? Louder for the people in back – THIS WILL SLAM YOU ON THE MAT UNTIL YOU ARE CRYING FOR MERCY!

Wink wink… these are gluey grooves. Call it dad rock but only if your dad’s real gone, man. This one time back in ’78 when he was tripping balls at a Steve Miller concert. He ascended at that point. Or maybe it was Bowie in ’74? No. Mahavishnu ’72. McLaughlin sent your dad.


Tatsu Aoki‘s super badass real cats jammed out some true trips this time around. Tiger Tanaka and Rami Atassi are unhinged on electric guitar, eating boundaries for breakfast and lunching on cosmic interconnectedness. All of it quantum interaction, particles at arbitrary distances, precision interpenetrations, flow states bouncing, excited, one mind. Rumback hitting drums to catch the jams, pushing on an impulse drive, everyone chasing the fire. Of course Tatsu holding it down. The guy plays with joy and a swing. This is his dream.

But don’t expect B this time! We will pummel you and pound you. Body slamming your ears. Busting your spine (with bass licks!). The sound of the guitar a pumphandle slam, head on the ground, feet in the air. Cobra clutch legsweep riffs take you down and when you get your balance back, the snapmare. Bloody and bruised is how the new Bass Dreams minus B album, Oyaji Rock, will leave you, and you can’t wait to tell your buddies. OYAJI ROCK IS THE BOOM BOOM BOMB… CAUSE I SAID SO!

Oyaji Rock will be available from FPE Records in vinyl or digital format July 7, 2023.

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