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Zigtebra – The Pink Line


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Zigtebra’s first release on FPE Records, and FPE Records first release at all, is now available for mail order. It’s the dawn of a new age! Presenting “The Pink Line” cassette.

Zigtebra are an adorable brother-sister pair from Chicago (he’s the tiger, she’s the zebra) who at this writing (September 2013) are completing the second three-month US tour of their two-year existence. Zebra says of the album title: “The Pink Line is the name of the El train in our backyard, it’s the line on notebook paper that goes against the blues, it looks good in neon.”

Ten songs of melodic bliss of hooks and delicious sibling harmony. Includes the two-song rock opera “The Red Pony / Where Have You Gone?” inspired by the theft of Zebra’s beloved two-wheeler. Get it now and feel great!

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