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Throwaway – Hand That Takes


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Behold, a woman with a paper bag on her head. From the paper bag comes shrieking and yelling, things like “HEY! Motherfucker wouldn’t ya know – I’m a dinosaur!”. Dissonant detonations of guitar fallout knock you down, and the paper bag lady keeps up the pressure: the nightmare has just begun. You must be listening to Throwaway‘s second album, Hand That Takes.

Blonky noise rock holds hands with intro (extro?) -spection: the more you listen to the screams, the more you can hear the ghostly vestiges of burnout, and of the modern-day exhaustion of having to Be On all the time as you struggle to make a career – or even a living. Arguments are had with the self, the internal antagonist is brought to life and you can hear them punching it out in real time. “DINOSAUR.” details someone so exhausted by their daily charade and grind, they have a vivid fantasy about transforming into Godzilla and destroying the entire city. “Cute Frankenstein” grapples with someone barely keeping their emotional balance in check, imagining themselves slowly crumbling away and having to reconstruct their facade piece by piece.

Throwaway‘s din contains echoes of noisy bygone freaksters like Foot Village and Scissor Girls; here, the ghosts of Coughs and Pre howl across the tiktok-blighted heath in the wake of the spotify death machine. Throwaway has arrived.

Hand That Takes will be available from FPE in cassette or digital format July 29.

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a pissed-off, burnt-out, and checked-out soundtrack to the Great Resignation

It’s Psychedelic Baby
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Yes, this is what we’ve been waiting for!

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