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P. Larkin – If You Are Out There, That’s Far Out



The clock, maybe more than any other human thing, circumscribes our lives, giving shape to our successes and failures. Clothing might be the only other institution that comes close. Seeking, perhaps, a radical kind of freedom, Twin Cities weirdo P Larkin has discarded both on his new recording for FPE Records, If You Are Out There, That’s Far Out, which arrives as the days get noticeably shorter and the leaves get pretty in the Northern Hemisphere.

Larkin explains, “These pieces were written as I sat naked and alone in a sauna in my backyard. I made them out of a desire to experiment and to hear synth doodles that were not pegged to a timeclock or particularly percussive. I wanted them to float you through the cosmos in a state of stimulating relaxation, with the stories acting as waypoints along your own cosmic journey.”

P Larkin

What we have here, for the most part, are the promised noodles, reminiscent (accidentally, perhaps) of the sounds one might have heard in the first days of techno-futurist experimentation, before utopianism became de rigeur. When computers were strictly nerd shit, and the really early adopters used cassette tapes to load 8-bit games into PCs. To enhance the stimulatory sensuality, Larkin has also provided abstract narratives that resemble jokes – re-pitching his voice both up and down, throwing the whole production off the cliff into the uncanny valley. Unless you loaded it with corrupted data, this is the kind of weird no AI bot would dare to dream up. Plug it into your earholes for a satisfyingly human, suitably psycho-luminescent lifestyle experience.

If You Are Out There, That’s Far Out will be available from FPE in cassette or digital format October 13, 2023.

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