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The Miami Dolphins – Becky


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Forget what came before. The Miami Dolphins are a band, Becky‘s a record. The Miami Dolphins have been bringing it to the lucky people of Minneapolis since 2011, and now they’re gonna bring it to you too! A lovely tangle of 13 epic fits that speak and squeak, and yeah maybe just maybe creak a little.

Becky is a slurry of bright no-wave cheer and jeer. There’s levity and brevity, girth, slime, and even moments of pure pop splendor spilling out of the frenetic, blistering 28-minute burner.

Becky is now available on LP, CD and digital.

Track list:

1. Carcrash
2. Blender
3. Pucker Upper
4. Free Way
5. Cracked
6. Fools
7. Gut Rot
8. Dandelion
9. Peeler
10. Melting Popsicle
11. Drooling
12. Dominion
13. Citrus

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LP, CD, Cassette

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Terms like “angular avant-punk” and “spazz-rock” drunkenly dance around reviews while other confused music aficionados liken the group to the Minutemen, Wire, Dog Faced Hermans, Fantomas, Le Tigre or a kindergarten class on a sugar high.

Riverfront Times
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MIAMI DOLPHINS hail from Minneapolis and their noise rock / art punk situation is a RAGING one.

Boston Hassle
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No-wave noise might be the pallete that the Dolphins draw from, but this time out the band has embraced the barbed, satirical pop that they’ve shown traces of in the past on songs like “Pucker Upper.”

CityPages Best Minnesota Albums of 2014
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Becky is one of the most unique local albums we heard this year.

l’Etoile Magazine

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