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Gentlebutterfly – I Don’t Need a Psychiatrist


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Dave Pavkovic is a fierce and free drummer, composer, and co-leader of a number of progressive music ventures like Actual Music and Every Shape a Diamond. He’s got this wild way of playing on and around the groove, a pointillistic flurry that keeps you off-balance and rocking. Mind hooks expressed with corporeal abandon.

Now, Pavkovic applies the same transcendental sensibility to immersive, deep-listening electronic productions, with disorienting, heavily funk-ified samples from mid-Twentieth Century films. Dubbed Gentlebutterfly, the project explores the rhythmic and algorithmic detritus of some kind of pre-conscious dreamstate. Vocoder voices, words and retro-futurist synth styles swirl and trip about like mushroom tea before bedtime.

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With the debut single “I Don’t Need a Psychiatrist”, Gentlebutterfly gently launches from the cocoon of the pandemic, fluttering on digital wings. Ripples of sound flit outward in meta-space, landing on cognitive blossoms, sipping the nectar of your mind and pollinating whatever is there. A stuttering beat envelopes the synthesized, mid-atlantic diction of screen siren Hedy Lamarr as she repeats the line, “I don’t need a psychiatrist”. We wrestle, as always, with time, wondering about the future, as we surrender to sounds that evoke a utopian past, a wondrous present is untethered and revealed.

“I Don’t Need a Psychiatrist” will be available from FPE Records in standard digital audio or immersive Dolby Atmos November 17, 2023.


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Standard audio, Dolby Atmos

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