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An Emptiness Supreme Reimagined



A digital collection of remixes and reimaginings spawned from the sounds of Yea Big‘s An Emptiness Supreme. Created by Yea Big, Disorganizer, and producers including Moses Harris Jr. (Kid Static), Will Butler (The Arcade Fire), Rick Valentin (Poster Children), Syrhea Conaway (Syna So Pro), and others.

Emptiness: the impermanent and interdependent non-self nature of all things. We plant a seed, nurture it for a time or not, but the plant thrives on the web of energy. It becomes a living embodiment, a collation of the forces and materials that flow into and through it.

Yea Big‘s shrub of Emptiness began with a haunting recording of wind chimes that grew into a trilogy of compositions performed and recorded in collaboration with various groups: The Shape of Emptiness Now and Spiritual Emptiness (both 2020), and Yea Big + Disorganizer‘s An Emptiness Supreme (FPE Records, 2021). Now comes the next stage of its maturity: stems from An Emptiness Supreme went out to a select group of homies past and present, who delivered a supreme collection of meditations, mediations, pop songs, deconstructions, and bangers.

Here you’ll find, to name a few: “Taskless and Disorganized”, a Trevor Horn-inspired mutant pop anthem, the debut production of LOUDY (Jeffrey J. Byron of Mae Shi and Paul Christiansen of Qui); a frazzled, fried noise-clatter destruction from the mysterious “M S”; the soaring soundtrack to the adventure movie of your mind by Poster Children‘s Rick Valentin; Kid Static‘s jazzy, moody, insistent beat; and Will Butler‘s crystalline jenga mind-melter “Beautiful Car”.

Profits from sale of this release will be donated to The Immigration Project.

An Emptiness Supreme Reimagined will be available digitally from FPE Records September 3. It’s also included with purchase of the CD of An Emptiness Supreme.

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