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WACSAC – The Four Seasons and String Quartets


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Late-aughts compositions by Matthew Pakulski now reach the world through cassettes. The Four Seasons is a work for orchestra, as ambitious as any you’ll hear; in fact, a symphony. Yes, it’s about the seasons, but that wasn’t really clear until after it was done. The works for string quartet are called Gold and Lia. Gold is just a nice name and Lia refers to a passage in Dante’s Purgatorio which itself relies on the Bible story of Rachel and Lia, often interpreted as an allegory for the contemplative and active life-modes. Lia’s the doer.

The music is here realized via Finale, which means that to love it, you have to accept / actually revel in a “perfect” rendering by robots.

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The Four Seasons Cassette, String Quartets Cassette, Both Tapes – 2 Pack