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Syna So Pro – When Can I C U?


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Syna So Pro drops an aching, longing, hopeful but so so sad single this May 13, just as winter’s last icy tendrils melt away and we step out into a third pandemic summer, this time with the (unearned?) hope that it’s finally over. The loneliness abates, slowly, but we’re left with the anxiety. Is it gone for good?

“When Can I C U?” is a lyrical update to the lush track, “When Can I See You”, from Syna So Pro’s 2021 instrumental album CHILL/HYPE. The song and its accompanying video treat loneliness and sadness with respect, dignity, and affirmation. “So shook / Soul shocked / Stand and face what we’ve got…”

The digital release of “When Can I C U?” includes the track as a stand-alone single, as well as the “CHILL/HYPE edit” which can replace the original “When Can I See You?” in the CHILL/HYPE album for a seamless listening experience.

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