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Rabbit’s Eye – The Damage Was Terrific


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Miriam, Yiannis, Maria and Vassilis met all together for the first time in Athens, Greece, in September 2018. After several performances and a couple of recording sessions, their inspiring collaboration led them to the decision of forming their group named Rabbit’s Eye. Their music is a collage of different musical influences and a product of free improvisation, without any pre-arranged guidelines.

Rabbit’s Eye transforms any space they occupy into a psychedelic time-stream, exerting an outward pressure on the environment. They are expert guides of the void, an explosion of strange colors floating just out of reach, or a hundred light-years away. Maria’s syncopated sighs helically knot the staccato stabs of Vassilis’s guitar and Yiannis’s hops, skipping, jumping in and around Miriam’s violin’s scrapes. It’s skritchy most of the time, exploding at a roar when it overflows the rim, pushing the walls at a bulge, evaporating.

The album was recorded live at DNA lab studio by Philippos Marinelis, very late at a night in October 2018. Put it on like when they recorded it, late at night, feel real noir-y with it. Close your eyes and let the film play, a Rózsa dreamworld; let them guide you.

The Damage Was Terrific will be available from FPE in CD or digital formats April 1, 2022.

Miriam Den Boer Salmón: violin
Yiannis Iliakis: drums, percussion
Maria Kritsotaki: voice
Vassilis Tzavaras: electric guitar, loops

Miriam Den Boer Salmón is a violinist and improviser based in Amsterdam. Her multicultural background reflects in a love for diversity, for ever-changing perspectives on society and reality which shows in her musical ventures. With improvisation at its core, she currently forms part of different projects, ranging from folklore to jazz and free improvisation to experimental and cross-art projects.

Yiannis Iliakis. Born in the city of Athens, he studied under Nikos Sidirokastritis at Modern Music School. He is a founding member of the free jazz band Outward Bound. Is currently a member of the band Ciccada, a partner in the artist collective “Free the soprano player” and coordinator of the “Freedom Day” Jazz Festival in Crete. Composer of experimental music, counts numerous of collaborations with bands and artists in the jazz/improvisation/experimental and rock spectrum.

Maria Kritsotaki is a singer, recently relocated in Greece from the Netherlands where she studied jazz music. Considering herself a constant learner, Maria explores her artistic and personal growth through the arts. The variety of her music and performing in different styles from free improvisation to jazz and traditional music, reflect her multifaceted personality. Maria is a partner in the artist collective “Free the soprano player” and coordinator of the “Freedom Day” Jazz Festival in Crete, along with Yiannis Iliakis.

Vassilis Tzavaras, born in Paris, is a musician, composer and improviser. He studied guitar, jazz improvisation and composition. Since 1993 member of the groups Occasional Dream, Take the money and run, Project 37, 4+1, Silent Move and Atonal Theatre Company. He has performed in several concerts and live performances. He has composed music for more than 20 theatre shows. As a performer and teacher he is active in free improvisation for the past fifteen years.

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