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Gentlebutterfly – Interview with David


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“We met yesterday, down at receiving.”

Gentlebutterfly, the electro-psych project from drummer David Pavkovic, is back with another excursion through sonora incognita. “Interview with David” pairs a rolling rhythm and glowing, pulsing synths with samples of dystopian dialogue from the horror cult classic Equinox.

“Who are ‘they’, David?”

A psychiatrist asks questions, his voice gradually melting into the soundscape and twisting into plastic noise. Swirls of psychosis, the feeling you get when you’ve lost contact with your belief in materiality. The calm voice of a man who holds a microphone to your face and records your responses.

“We all want to help you.”

Helpless and struggling to find a reason to retake control. Drowned in peril and enjoying the swim. Enduring inferior landscapes. Reconstructing a smooth reality. Reclaiming the rhythmic power of language. Cogent words lose external referent. Squiggles of synthy goodness perform a dance for your mind, drained of delusion, only now, only pulse.

“Interview with David” will be available from FPE Records in standard digital audio or immersive Dolby Atmos February 9, 2024.


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Standard audio, Dolby Atmos