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Time Is Fire


In truth we are not here,
This is our shadow……

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Press: Matt Pakulski, FPE PR
Booking: Jim Thomson, Multiflora Productions


Time Is Fire play music from a country that doesn’t exist. Fronted by an Iranian-born Sufi poet and backed by players steeped in punk, dance and experimental music, Time is Fire mixes pan-cultural rhythms, floor-shaking funk grooves and acid-laced guitar into a mind-expanding geopolitical dance party. Time is Fire’s newest release, “Angels,” is like an international airport hub of music in present day America, largely because of the varied backgrounds of its members. Sufi-inspired lyrics reveal revolutionary language and universal truths. Afro-punk grooves belie a deeper message about overcoming fear and inaction on the title track which features TV On The Radio’s Smoota on trombone. The electro beats of Angolan Kuduro music inspire “Shelter.” “Turn Your TVs Off” crystallizes a new direction for the band, recalling the minimalist approach of ESG, Liquid Liquid and A Certain Ratio while “Words on the Walls” recalls Band of Gypsies-era Hendrix and Eno minimalism. At the end of the day however, Time Is Fire sound like Time Is Fire and the group naturally defies categorization.


melds American rock, funk and punk with reggae, Middle Eastern music and styles from both East and West Africa.

–Mark Jenkins, Washington Post

an absolutely perfect assemblage of musicians and the freshest new sounds this writer has heard in years.

Joel Gausten

Arsani’s poetic lyrics match the band’s psychedelic funk-driven grooves and wailing guitars.

–Andy Cerutti, DCist

they are fully in their own world, weaving a sort of hypnotic field, but they also enjoying themselves so fully that it’s downright infectious.

Mickey McCarter, Parklife DC

“weird world” music.

–Mariah Cooper, DC Music Download


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