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Zigtebra Tour Dates and EP

Zigtebra is going on tour! They booked it DIY-style and it's got the feel of adventure and discovery. They'll be on the road for May, June, July, AND August. What! They just put the finishing touches on their tour EP, Sparkle Tip. That's the excellent fruity cover art...

Zigtebra Announce Busy 2017

Chicago's favorite animal art-pop duo Zigtebra have announced plans to ramp up their game in 2017. Siblings Emily (Zebra) and Joseph (Tiger) will release a new song and accompanying video, via Soundcloud and Youtube, every month in 2017. They will compile these songs...

Syna So Pro Interview

FPE asked Syna So Pro's ego, Syrhea Conaway, a few questions about her upcoming album VOX. Why did you choose to make an a cappella album? Not really sure. It's some of the first pieces of music I created as a pre-teen into a teenager and upon revisiting them, I was...

About FPE Records

FPE’s mission is to increase the amount of beauty in the world.

Since 2012, FPE has released records For Practically Everyone. As diverse as possible stylistically, FPE’s artists are all brimming with energy and emotion, and share with each other an unconventional approach to genre.

FPE is based in Oak Park, Illinois, USA.

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